Vision and Mission Statement

  • To inculcate and spread Human Values, Morals and Holistic development for the overall well being of Mankind beyond National Boundaries.
  • The Chair’s vision is one in which individuals, groups, and organizations come together to cooperate, each motivated by service and each contributing to the creation of a shared understanding. Such cooperation is a prelude to humanity developing adequate responses to the complex problems that face it and that must be solved in ways that benefit all members of society, reflecting an appreciation and positive expression of human diversity. The Chair contributes to an accelerating international momentum that draws on the full spectrum of humanity’s diverse spirituality, intellectual and material capacities to effectively address unified efforts on issues of global peace, social and economic justice, universal education and institutional capacity building.
  • The mission of the Bahá'í Chair for World Peace is to address questions of international peace, social justice, human security, and equitable access to goods, services, and knowledge. It does this through the empirical study, objective presentation, reflective analysis, and pragmatic application of ethical and spiritual principles, especially unity in diversity and conscience-based consultation. In pursuit of its objectives, the Chair studies existing and proposed approaches to establishing peace on all levels of human society. In particular, the Chair shares the experiences of the Bahá'í worldwide community as a model for study.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide education for the holistic development of Mankind and Society.
  • To incultivate Values and Morals in work culture of people.
  • To provide effective inputs for harmony, peace and prosperity amongst diversified people.