Ph.D. Awarded

  • "Contribution of Religion in the evolution of just society" by Dr. Shripad Kale under the guidance of Dr. V.D.Nagar.
  • "Vibhinn Dharmo me Aatma ki Awdharna Baha’I Dharm ke vishesh paripeksha me" by Dr. Ram Sevak Yadav under the guidance of Dr. T.K.Vajdi.
  • "Vashudheiva Kutumbaakam and Human Prosperity as integrated in some selected Religions with special reference to Baha’I Religion." by Dr. Sashi Kant Panigrahi under the guidance of Dr. T.K.Vajdi.
  • "Sustainable community development through training of tribal and rural women as human resources : A case study of Baha’i Vocational Institute of Rural Women, Indore" by Dr. Janak Palta Maclligan, under the guidance of Dr. Shirin Mahalati.
  • "A comparative study of the Baha’i philosophy of education with policies on education in communist China" by Mr. Hamid Mohajar, under the guidance of Dr. T.K.Vajdi

Ph.D. ( Pursuing)

  • 1) Universal Education through community school with special refereance to Society of Universal Learners (SOUL) Model of Bihar: By Mr Praveen Mallik
  • 2) Contribution of Bahai Institution in human resource development in Madhyapradesh with special referance to Indore: By Mrs. Priya Sharma
  • 3) The role of Good Governance in achieving Sustainable Development : A study with special reference to Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in madhyapradesh , By Mr Yogesh Jadhav
  • 4) Exploring the teaching and learnign of English as a universal auxillary language in a globlised world from the Bahai Perspective based on the developmental approch- An Exploratory study in urban and semi urban areas.: Prof. Anil Sarval