The Programme

The institute offers Ph.D. Programme on the following inter-disciplinary subjects :

  • Social Justice and Social Transformation.
  • Unity, Peace and Justice in religious scriptures.
  • Concept of Soul in Different Religions.
  • Equitable Distribution of World Resources.
  • Status of Women in different Communities.
  • Concept of Socio-economic aspects of Tribal Development.
  • Study of Women and Weaker sections.
  • Development beyond Materialism.
  • Aspects of Human Resource development with reference to social, economic and spiritual development.

Modular Program

Bahá’í Chair also offers modules on the Faculty development program for University, College and School faculties as well as PG Students. TOPICS:

  • Fostering personal development and social progress
  • Dynamics of team building
  • Meaningful and Effective communication
  • New Framework for Moral education
  • Holistic approach to education for the prosperity of human kind.
  • Realistic Planning for an effective team.
  • Problem Solving and conflict management.